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Ever wondered how your friends always appear with perfect, beautiful, shiny and super-glossy hair?

Perhaps they just inherited awesome genes but trust us……..lots of them probably really didn’t! There are a multitude of game-changing hair treatments available at Lavender House Salon that you’re friends haven’t told you about - read on and discover our secret anti-ageing, feature-enhancing hair treats they just forgot to mention!

•The Semi-Permanent Lavender Volumising Experience

A bespoke service that ensures beautiful, natural, healthy looking hair that is full of body and vitality. The service lasts less than two hours and is completely tailored to the needs of each individual.


Our Beauty Works Tape In Hair Extensions are carefully placed to emphasise a hairstyle and conceal any fine or thinning areas. Whether a guest would like a full head of long, voluminous hair or we are using them to thicken a particular section, the results are incredible and the new hair is exceptionally easy to manage and maintain when away from the salon. Beauty Works are renowned for their fantastic hair extensions and as long as they are well looked after in between salon visits, they can last anything from 4 to 8 months. Clients simply have to revisit every 6 to 8 weeks to have their extensions retaped.


Good To Know: These hair extensions are kind to your real hair.

•The Lavender De Frizz Treatment

Throwing words like ‘life-changing’ and ‘obsessed’ can seem a little crazy when you’re talking about a hair treatment! However, for those who struggle with untamable and frizzy manes, the application of a Smoothing Treatment really will save hours each week blow drying and styling as well as giving your hair an intensive conditioning overhaul. A temporary smoothing treatment will leave hair fuzz-free, silky and humidity-proof for up to 4 months.


Good To Know: We use a smoothing treatment not a straightening treatment and your natural wave will remain.

•The Lavender Bespoke Colour Service There’s perhaps nothing more flattering that a bespoke hair colour that has been tailored to suit your individual skin tone and eye colour.. Our talented colour specialist will use clever colour placement and a fusion of carefully selected hues to enhance your skin tone and your hairstyle. Lightening and brightening around the face, colour contouring and adding tones that enhance your complexion will all combine to completely transform your look.



Good To Know: the perfect colour is the one that looks good on you.

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