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My First Visit To Lavender House

I’ve often driven past that big, beautiful white building next to the Fire Station in Southport and admired it - always a little inquisitive about the Spa. Forever tempted to book in but, in my crazy 24-7 life, I just never got around to treating myself to that precious me time.


Then on my birthday I received a gift in an envelope. It was the ultimate treat - the gift of time and pampering at Lavender House! What a wonderful surprise from a special friend who regularly enjoys visiting Lavender House and knew just how much I would appreciate Southport’s finest luxury day spa.

So without any hesitation, I excitedly called the Spa and organised to spend my much appreciated gift vouchers. From the moment I made that phone call, I knew that I was in for a treat!

A lovely lady named Laura took the call and she asked all the right questions so that she could guide me through the treatment menu and help me find the best treatments to suit my needs and my lifestyle. The diary was busy (when you visit you will understand why!) but Laura was able to accommodate me for the 3 treatments we chose within 2 weeks. She took the time to explain that there was free parking in the car park at the front of the Spa and also to remind me to leave myself some additional time so that I could enjoy the benefits of the relaxation room at the end of my treatments!

One Saturday morning in early March, I rocked through the doors of Lavender House completely ready to unwind, relax and enjoy 3 hours of indulgence. I was greeted by the lovely Laura who I had spoken to on the telephone - so friendly and welcoming and through chatting to her I discovered that Laura is also the owner of the Spa.

I had booked in for a Caudalie facial and it was reassuring to see all the Caudalie products available to purchase in the reception area. I was having a little mooch around the retail products when my therapist for the day arrived and introduced herself. Laura wished me a lovely experience and I was whisked away up the stairs into a beautiful, cosy treatment room with luxurious furnishings and a wonderfully indulgent scent. After a professional and detailed consultation with my therapist she then explained thoroughly what I needed to do and to lie down on the bed ready for my massage followed by a Caudalie facial.


The next couple of hours flew by - relaxed, calm and completely reveling in every moment of the wonderful pampering! In fact my only thought was an occasional ‘please don’t let this end anytime soon’.


At the end of the treatments, I was ushered into the Relaxation Lounge with a glass of water, a herbal tea and a warm neck cushion - I lay down with the latest edition of Vogue and slowly came back to reality before heading back down to the reception area where I treated myself to a small collection of the luxury Caudalie skincare products that had been used during my facial! The Grape Water and Elixir were a must and the moisturiser and cleanser were also irresistible!

grape water.jpg

Thank you Lavender House - you have introduced me to the need to respect my own mind and body. I realised during the time that I spent with you that by giving myself some precious time, I can become a better wife, mother and colleague. For anyone that is wondering… are likely to see me at Lavender House every month for this essential new addition to my 24/7 schedule!

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