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Relaxation and Escapism

We don’t need to question more than a handful of our Spa guests to understand how much people crave relaxation and escapism. In a world where social media and our phones play such a big part in almost all of our lives, there are few places we can escape to to truly relax and unwind. Without specifically taking time out, we feel the need to be constantly available to everyone, from our family to our work colleagues to our friends. This pressure has become normal and accepted but, we have to understand, this can be detrimental to mental health, adding and exacerbating all of the other stresses in our lives.


One place where you truly can escape this is at the spa. By taking the time out to get a massage and handing over your time, body and mind to the massage therapist, you can completely relax, without your phone or any of the people or problems that may be causing you to feel stressed.

Whilst this provides an escape for your mind, it is important that it is also a treatment for your body, as stress can often materialise in the muscles, causing a buildup of tension and increased pain. Massage aims to relieve tension by stretching and spreading muscle fibres and tissues in order for muscles to relax and loosen, which increases movement and decreases pain and stress.
Research has also shown that massage can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, as well as increasing the production of endorphins, the body’s natural “feel good” chemical. Serotonin and dopamine are also released through massage, which produces a feeling of calm relaxation.


The environment in which you have a massage can also be de-stressing, and at Lavender House Day Spa, we have created a haven of luxury to ensure we deliver your pampering experience in the most relaxing surroundings. We have carefully selected luxurious beauty and massage treatments that are specifically designed to decrease stress through their scent and feel on the body. All our Caudalie and Esse products can be purchased so that you can take them home with you to continue the feeling of relaxation outside of the spa.

A massage is an investment in yourself. It’s a way of telling your body and mind that you care about it and you want to take the time to ensure that it’s as healthy and happy as it can be, which will improve your life and, with that, the lives of the people around you.


If you would like to book a Massage Treatment at our Southport Day Spa or you would like to treat someone special to a Spa Gift, then please contact us by telephone or book your appointment or gift voucher on line.

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